Spring Cleaning Storage Tips

Spring cleaning is something you might have a love-hate relationship with. But whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, spring signals the time for fresh starts, de-cluttering, and opening up your home to enjoy the warm months ahead. It’s also the time to take an inventory of all the stuff that’s piled up throughout your home over the past winter (or maybe longer), and decide to do something about it!

The Benefits of Short Term Storage

If you’ve got items that you only use or need for part of the year, short-term storage offers a convenient and cost-effective way to store your valuables in a safe, secure, climate-controlled environment. Items like seasonal furniture and clothing, recreational equipment, books, family heirlooms, and more could easily be stored for months at a time until you need them again. The benefit to you is that you eliminate the worry of damage to your possessions, and sacrificing space during the time the items are not in use.

Storage Takes Some Stress Out of Moving

Or, say you’re in between moves and have to live in an extended stay hotel without your familiar furnishings and appliances for a longer period of time. Consider using storage as an option that will let you store your possessions for as long as you need. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that everything is safe and secure in one place while you wait out your moving time. Don’t forget – Elite offers a free month of storage to long-distance clients, and discounts for local movers as well!

Long Term Storage Can Keep Your Home Clean

Spring is not only a good time to get things organized around the house, but also to start home improvement projects. If you’re planning major renovations inside your home that could involve moving furniture around, putting unnecessary belongings in storage for the duration of your project can help you to accomplish your project sooner because there’s nothing standing in the way. And your valuable furnishings, such as a piano, antiques, and hard-to-move cabinets can be safely stored away, leaving you with open space to work. It might even help you finish your project in less time than if you had to worry about moving everything back and forth!

Storage is also a good way to help you plan for a future yard sale. By storing accumulated items for sale in one place, you can keep everything in one place without cluttering up your living space or garage. And if you have other family members or neighbors taking part in the yard sale, you can have a central place to keep everybody’s items together until you’re ready.

As a full-service Chicagoland moving and storage company, you can rest assured that Elite Moving & Storage has the right storage solution to meet your needs. Request a Free Quote Today!

How to Dishpack Chicago

How to Pack Your Dishes in a DishPack

Effective packing is essential to every successful move. It’s always important to select the right box for whatever it is you’re packing. We use the Dish-Pack box, which utilizes double walls for extra durability while moving. Here’s how Elite packs your dishes, with the care and expertise to get them where they need to be safely.

Preparing the Box for Packing Dishes

First, we open the sides to form the top, and then tape the bottom–one strip in the middle, two on the sides, and one that goes around the bottom for extra strength. Then we crumple packing paper, lining the bottom with two layers to form a cushion. You can purchase a proper dishpack box from our box shop!

Packing Your Dishes for Moving

When packing dishes, always pack a Dish-Pack box with the heaviest items on the bottom. We take a plate, wrap it in packing paper, and place it in the box vertically. We follow this for all the plates and align them vertically each time. After the largest plates are packed, we use more packing paper and place crumpled pieces between each plate to keep the plate stable and in place. Then we create another double-layer cushion.

We wrap the mugs the same way, and place them horizontally with cushioning between them. Then we make the final double-layer cushion. It’s important that the box is packed tightly so there isn’t room for items to break. The more packing tape we utilize, the more protected your dishes are.

And that’s how Elite carefully and securely wraps your dishes! Watch our video to get a better idea of how to pack your dishes safely.

With your essential household items prepared and packed for their journey, you can rest easy that they’ll get there safe and sound. As always, if you need help moving anywhere in the USA, call your friends at Elite Moving and Storage.

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How to Pack a Piano When You are Moving

Packing and moving a piano requires a lot of delicate handling, as well as tight, thorough packing to protect the intricate parts of the instrument. It needs to be professionally dismantled and then wrapped, padded and sealed completely to ensure safe transport to your new home. Our experienced packing and moving teams take extra measures to make sure your piano is treated with the utmost care.

First Step to Moving a Piano

One of the first things we do is remove the piano lid to wrap and pack it separately. The lid is placed on a thick, padded blanket and set aside while we concentrate on wrapping and sealing the piano casing.

Wrapping the Piano Casing

With the piano lid safely set to the side, we surround and cover the piano casing, soundboard, strings, and keyboard completely with thickly padded blankets that are then sealed around and around with strong, secure packing tape. Next, we cut and fit cardboard crating over and around the top of the piano, and make sure it’s tightly secured in place by wrapping it over and under the soundboard with packing tape. The cardboard crating acts as a shield to protect the delicate soundboard.

Securing the Underside of the Piano

To help completely pack your piano, we gently tilt the piano on the casing’s flat side and set in on a flat board for later moving. In this position, we can remove the legs and continue wrapping the soundboard and keyboard assembly so that it’s completely enclosed by the packing blankets and cardboard crating. After custom cutting and fitting crating around the bottom side of the soundboard and sealing it with packing tape, while the piano is still resting on its side, we shrink-wrap it from top to bottom so that it’s totally wrapped and sealed from all sides. Moving straps are then fastened in place on the flat board and around the piano body to enable our movers to easily transport it.

Wrapping the Legs and Lid of the Piano

With each leg detached from the piano, we can then wrap and secure the legs with padded blankets and packing tape to protect them. The piano lid is completely wrapped in a padded packing blanket and sealed on all sides with packing tape.

Your Piano is Ready to Move!

All tightly wrapped and secured, your prized piano is ready to make its move to your new home on a high note! As always, if you need help moving anywhere in the USA, call your friends at Elite Moving and Storage.

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Moving Dresser in Chicago

How to Wrap a Dresser for Moving

At Elite Moving & Storage, we take pride in how we pack and move your belongings from your old home to your new home. Dressers and other heavy furniture require protective wrapping to cover and protect them from accidents while moving. In our video, we will show you our tips from years of experience moving heavy furniture.

Protective Blankets Keep Your Dresser Safe

Our experienced packers use thick, protective moving blankets that provide extra cushioning and padding for your dresser. Dressers should be emptied before they are transported. We drape and wrap the blankets over and around the empty dresser, leaving no surface area exposed. This helps protect from scuffs, scratches and dings. To get an idea how it’s all done, watch our quick video.

Apply Packing Tape and Shrink Wrap

Next, packing tape is wound around the dresser to bind the blankets in place. Tilt the dresser on its side so that you can wrap tape around the sides of the dresser as well. Make sure to use plenty of tape – our moving pros use enough that we can lift the dresser by gripping the tape as you can see in the video.

Shrink wrap can then be wound around the dresser to keep the blankets in place and create a well-padded and easy-to-transport item that’s protected from any bumps, bruises, or bounces while in transit. It also provides a barrier to keep moisture and dirt off of your valuable furniture.

You’re All Set to Move!

Tightly wrapped and secured, your dresser is now ready to make its move to your new home. Heavy furniture can be hazardous to move; make sure you have a partner to help lift when moving your dresser, or have the pros at Elite take care of the move for you. Request a free quote for your move today!

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Crate a Glass Tabletop

How to Safely Pack a Glass Tabletop for Moving

Glass tabletops are fragile objects and require the utmost protection and careful packing to ensure that they arrive at their destination in one piece. Our experienced packers have a special process to wrap and pack large glass tabletops so that they’re secure and protected for moving.

Use Protective Blankets

Lay out the packing materials you will need to use before you begin. If you don’t have moving supplies, you can buy them from our shop. The next order of business is to lay down a flat packing crate, then spread a thick, padded moving blanket on top. Now place the glass on top of the blanket. Next, fold the edges of the blanket over the table top, covering every inch of glass. Watch our video to get an idea how to accomplish this.

Cut-to-fit Crates

After the glass top is wrapped in the moving blanket, carefully score the flat cardboard around the edges of the glass to make folding easier. Fold the sides over, partially covering the blanketed glass. Now fold the top down and the bottom up, covering the entire blanket. The goal here is to precisely fit the cardboard around the glass top and blankets, enveloping it on all sides with a sturdy cardboard covering.

Secure with Packing Tape

Use packing tape to secure the cardboard snugly around the glass tabletop and blanket. Make sure to wrap the tape both vertically and horizontally so that the entire padded glass top is held tightly in place. Congratulations! You just made what we call a cardboard crate.

Your Tabletop is Ready to Move!

Tightly wrapped and secured, your glass tabletop is ready to make its move to your new home. If you’d like help with any move, call your friends at Elite Moving and Storage.

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How to Move a Couch Wrap A Couch Chicago

How To Wrap A Couch When You Are Moving

Couches are heavy and bulky, and moving them can be a challenge. With years of moving experience, we’d like to give you some tips on How to Wrap a Couch and move it safely. Proper wrapping can help protect your couch from damage such as scratches, scuffs, and scrapes during the moving process.

Protective Blankets Protect Your Couch During the Move

Our professional movers use thick, quilted moving blankets that provide extra cushioning and protection for your couch or sofa. We drape the blankets over and around the entire piece to surround it completely so that no fabric or leather is exposed.

Secure With Packing Tape and Shrink Wrap

Packing tape is tightly wrapped around the base and top of the couch to secure the blankets in place. The couch is then tilted up, we fold the blankets to cover the bottom of the couch and secure it all by wrapping packing tape snugly around the couch from end to end. We use a lot of tape for this; both to hold the blankets in place and to provide sturdy handling points to make carrying the sofa easier and safer.

Additionally, we suggest shrink wrapping the entire sofa for an added layer of protection. Shrink wrap helps keep out moisture and dirt that could damage your sofa during the move.

Your Couch is Good to Go!

Tightly wrapped and secured, your couch is now ready to make its move to your new home. Beware that couches are heavy, so always move them with a partner if you’re moving on your own. As always, if you need help moving anywhere in the USA, call your friends at Elite Moving and Storage.

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Crate TV Flat Screen Packing

How To Pack A Flat Screen TV

TVs are one of the most challenging items to pack. They’re bulky, fragile, heavy, and can be expensive to replace. So how do you go about packing a TV? What kind of box should you use? What else should you know to safely transport your TV? Well, we have moved thousands of TVs, so whether you’re moving yourself or hiring a professional, here are some of our pointers for moving a flat screen television.

What Kind of Box Should I Use to Move a TV?

The box you use to pack your TV in for a move is important. If you happen to still have the original box that the TV was purchased in, you can use that box with additional reinforcement. We suggest using boxes made especially for moving a television, as they are much thicker than normal boxes found at big box retailers and provide more protection. You can purchase the TV box from us, or have us crate it for you like in this video. We suggest using moving blankets to provide the cushion and the protections for the TV within the box – watch the video to see how our professional movers accomplish this.

How to wrap a TV for moving?

The process to wrap a TV depends on the materials available to you. Regardless, it is important to tightly wrap the screen with a blanket or bubble wrap, bound with packing tape – our video gives a good idea on how to accomplish this. Depending on the box you have, you might have to remove the base of the television set to fit it in the box. Make sure you don’t lose the base – you can tape it to the outside of the box to make sure you don’t lose it.

Should I move my TV vertically or on its side?

TVs are built to be shipped and used vertically, and that’s best practice for moving a TV as far as we’re concerned. Whenever possible, we strongly suggest moving a TV upright. If something necessitates the TV being moved horizontally, make sure nothing can fall on the screen, and ensure a smooth ride as excessive bumps and jolts to a TV on its side can cause damage.

That Should Do It!

At last you’ve got your box, wrapped it properly, marked it as “FRAGILE”, and found a secure place on the truck where the TV will remain vertical for the ride. Have a partner help you carry your TV to and from the moving truck if you are moving yourself. As always, if you need help moving anywhere in the USA, call your friends at Elite Moving and Storage.

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Have an old, large TV? Consider recycling your large television before you move. For donation in North Suburban Chicago Click Here.

Elite Moving Chicago Pet Tips

Tips For Moving With Pets in 2017

Sure, moves are stressful for us humans, but we often overlook how much it stresses out our pets. Changes to their environment, stressed out owners, and strangers entering the home put our animal friends on edge. One of the biggest concerns our clients have is how to keep their pets safe and happy during the move.

Preparing for a move with Pets

Once your new home is ready, you’ll want to start to prepare your pets for the actual moving process. The more you prepare ahead of time, the easier it will be on both you and your furry friends. Spreading the changes to environment and routine over a longer period of time will put less stress on your pets, so they’ll be able to handle the move better.

If you are moving far away and are planning on driving to your new destination, start acclimating your pets to sitting in the car and spending time in their crate or carrier. We suggest starting this process at least 4 weeks before the move date.

Get moving boxes in your home early so your pets get used to the sight of moving boxes. They’ll want to investigate at first, but will grow accustomed over time. We suggest buying a Moving Box Kit so that you have all the moving supplies you need to pack everything properly.

Packing for a move with Pets

Remember that pets are often averse to big changes. Start packing early so that your pets get used to the boxes and other changes to their surroundings. The slower the pack, the more comfortable your pets will be. It will be easier on you too, as it will minimize the last minute rush to pack. If possible, try to pack your pet’s favorite room last, or at least keep their favorite little spots until moving day. It will give them a refuge for some much needed relaxation and make a huge difference in your pet’s behavior around you and any movers working in your home.

Keeping Pets Happy During and After the Move

So moving day is here. What do you do with your pets? There will be people coming in and out of their home most of the day, and the hustle and bustle can stress them out and be dangerous. We suggest leaving them with a friend or relative for the day. If they are used to going to a kennel or daycare, that works too. This way they’ll have a safe relaxing day away from the commotion. If they absolutely must be at home on moving day, a back yard or an out-of-the-way room can also help keep them safe from darting out the front door, or getting underfoot.

Once at your new destination, keep all of your pet’s favorite things (bed, litter box, toys, etc.) in the same room so they can develop a comfort area that will allow them to slowly adjust to their new home.

Now that you have a new address, make sure to update the info on their name tag or their chip.

For more tips on how to move with your pets, read our favorite tips from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Moving GPS Tracker Chicago

GPS Trackers Installed in our Chicagoland Moving Trucks!

Moving can be exciting for some, but oftentimes it can also be stressful. The more peace of mind you get knowing that your household treasures and furnishings will arrive safe, secure, and on time at their final destination is a big relief. That’s why we are constantly improving the Elite experience. Our professional moving consultants will assist you every step of the way, and our fully-equipped trucks keep your belongings safe.

And now, we have made even more improvements to our Chicagoland fleet! Elite is excited to announce that our local trucks have been outfitted with GPS tracking systems! These new GPS trackers not only help our drivers get where they need to go, but to also keep our office up to date with real-time accuracy on travel and delivery times for your furnishings.

These GPS trackers keep us more organized and answerable for all of your important belongings, and while our GPS may be new; our Elite quality has always been here. The Elite Moving & Storage team is a group of highly trained moving professionals that can handle every step of the moving process with solutions tailored to any moving need. Our White Glove Service treats you and your belongings like royalty. From packing and unpacking, moving pianos and art, valuable antiques and storage, we take the responsibility of getting you moved from door-to-door quickly, safely and efficiently. Elite will be accountable for all of your moving needs, and we are excited to serve your needs every step of the way.

Elite Moving and Storage – Have Confidence Delivered in Every Move.


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