Tips For Moving With Pets in 2017

Sure, moves are stressful for us humans, but we often overlook how much it stresses out our pets. Changes to their environment, stressed out owners, and strangers entering the home put our animal friends on edge. One of the biggest concerns our clients have is how to keep their pets safe and happy during the move.

Preparing for a move with Pets

Once your new home is ready, you’ll want to start to prepare your pets for the actual moving process. The more you prepare ahead of time, the easier it will be on both you and your furry friends. Spreading the changes to environment and routine over a longer period of time will put less stress on your pets, so they’ll be able to handle the move better.

If you are moving far away and are planning on driving to your new destination, start acclimating your pets to sitting in the car and spending time in their crate or carrier. We suggest starting this process at least 4 weeks before the move date.

Get moving boxes in your home early so your pets get used to the sight of moving boxes. They’ll want to investigate at first, but will grow accustomed over time. We suggest buying a Moving Box Kit so that you have all the moving supplies you need to pack everything properly.

Packing for a move with Pets

Remember that pets are often averse to big changes. Start packing early so that your pets get used to the boxes and other changes to their surroundings. The slower the pack, the more comfortable your pets will be. It will be easier on you too, as it will minimize the last minute rush to pack. If possible, try to pack your pet’s favorite room last, or at least keep their favorite little spots until moving day. It will give them a refuge for some much needed relaxation and make a huge difference in your pet’s behavior around you and any movers working in your home.

Keeping Pets Happy During and After the Move

So moving day is here. What do you do with your pets? There will be people coming in and out of their home most of the day, and the hustle and bustle can stress them out and be dangerous. We suggest leaving them with a friend or relative for the day. If they are used to going to a kennel or daycare, that works too. This way they’ll have a safe relaxing day away from the commotion. If they absolutely must be at home on moving day, a back yard or an out-of-the-way room can also help keep them safe from darting out the front door, or getting underfoot.

Once at your new destination, keep all of your pet’s favorite things (bed, litter box, toys, etc.) in the same room so they can develop a comfort area that will allow them to slowly adjust to their new home.

Now that you have a new address, make sure to update the info on their name tag or their chip.

For more tips on how to move with your pets, read our favorite tips from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.