Moving with Kids: Easing the Transition

Moving may be stressful for you, so imagine what it’s like for your little ones! They may not fully understand why the move needs to happen, which can make things difficult for you. On the other hand, kids are resilient. You can help them adapt to the move by preparing them, communicating with them, and helping to alleviate their fears. Moving can be exciting, too, so focus on that aspect of this next phase of your life.

Prepare children emotionally for your move

Tell your kids exactly what to expect from the process. Provide opportunities for them to say goodbye to their friends and favorite places. Encourage them to keep ties, and help them do it since they might not be old enough on their own. Reassure them that their family is here for them no matter what.

Get them excited, and let them know that all the chaos is part of the adventure. Don’t be negative. Allow them to be invested in the new house, the new school, the new city, even your new job. As you purge items you no longer need, let your kids have a say in what stays and what goes. Get them involved!

Prepare children physically for the move

If you can, time your move for a period that will cause the least amount of upheaval – summer, for example, when school is out. If your child has recently reached a milestone like being potty-trained, don’t be surprised at some backsliding. Prepare yourself for that (have pull-ups on hand, maybe!).

Pack your child’s medications, papers, and favorite toys and activities to be easily reachable during the car ride or airplane travel, just in case. Bring extra clothing as well. Make sure there’s a bag of toys available right up to the end, so your kids have something to do while you’re packing. Label everything properly, because kids may take it harder than you do if something can’t be found when they need it. And allow them to help with navigation, so they get a real sense of where you’re leaving and where you’re headed.

Make moving an adventure for your kids

Focus on discovery to make your into an adventure. New places, new people, and new experiences are all part of the journey. Search out new attractions, and explore your new home with your children. Let them assist you as much as possible in discovering great things about the new neighborhood, and in setting up the new place.

Will they have their own room for a change? Allow them to help decorate it, so it feels like their secure spot. Take your time unpacking so that there isn’t stressful clutter everywhere. Do display personal items as soon as you can, to make the place feel familiar and emphasize that this is now where your family life is centered.

Move with Elite

At Elite Moving & Storage, we understand that moving can be a stressful time for you and your family, and we aim to reduce the upheaval as much as possible for kids as well as adults through our expertise and empathy. How can we help? Find out by contacting us and getting a free estimate. We are a moving company that cares.