Cleaning Your Home Before You Move In

When it’s time to move, it’s also time to clean. Before you make yourself at home, make sure to get all of the move-in cleaning done. Of course, it’s best to complete this moving in cleaning task before your household items arrive so that the endless piles of cardboard boxes won’t get in your way. Move-in cleaning is an essential part of every move process. Regardless if the new space is totally new or had preceding occupants, you want to move into a spotless space.

Make sure you have all your supplies so you can load up your car and head to your new home for a deep cleaning day. The supplies you’ll need for new house cleaning are:

Rubber gloves, scrub sponges, cleaning rags, multi-surface cleaner, floor cleaner, mop, vacuum, duster, bucket, toilet bowl cleaner, toilet brush, window cleaner, vinegar, bleach spray and broom/dustpan.

Here are the room-by-room tips for cleaning your home before you move in:



Old bathrooms can be problematic to clean if the previous tenants didn’t clean regularly. It’s a good idea to closely inspect your bathroom for mold, damp areas or damage before you move-in as it will be easier to address these issues while the bathroom is empty.

  • Clean the exhaust fans first because they can be rather dusty.
  • Replace the toilet seat and cover. It’s not worth the time and efforts to clean thoroughly the seat and cover of your toilet when you can replace them with brand new ones that are perfectly clean and fairly inexpensive as well.
  • Use a specialized cleaner to scrub the bathroom shower or tub.
  • Clean the inside and outside of the medicine cabinet, the tiny area behind the toilet bowl, and the zone in the shower recess.
  • Scrub all surfaces and bathroom fixtures – walls, doors, towel racks and light fixtures using an all-purpose cleaner to ensure a cleaner and fresher look of the entire bathroom.
  • Wipe the bathroom mirror clean using a glass cleaning product.
  • Vacuum the bathroom floor to remove any accumulated filth and dust, then mop it until it shines.



Kitchens are sensitive rooms as the risk of exposure to toxins and irritants isn’t just by contact, but also by ingestion of things that our food is in contact with. Therefore, it is important for kitchens to be cleaned and prepared prior to daily use.

  • Fridge: Remove all shelves and drawers and soak them in warm soapy water. Clean the inside with a sponge and a mild cleaning product, then leave the door open to dry out.
  • Stove: Wipe the stovetop with a disinfectant spray or use a strong grease remover if the top surface looks filthy. If necessary, remove any stove-top parts and clean them separately under running water. Take out the oven tray and clean it thoroughly, then use a sponge to wipe the inside of the oven.
  • Wipe down all kitchen counters, cabinets and drawers with an appropriate disinfectant spray. Look for grease stains that are particularly hard to remove.
  • Scrub the kitchen sink and faucet. Pay special attention to the inside of the kitchen sink.
  • Vacuum the kitchen floor, then mop it with a cleaning product until it shines.


Common areas and bedrooms

Thoroughly cleaning living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms before your bulky furniture is moved in will ensure you don’t cover up mess and leave dirt to fester. It’s also a good idea to thoroughly clean hallways, entryways and landing areas as these can be easily forgotten. Starting with a deeply cleaned slate in common areas will help them stay clean for longer.

Dust each room while focusing on windows, window sills, blinds, corners, doors and light fixtures. Wipe clean all surfaces that look dirty and stained after you’ve removed the accumulated dust. Disinfect all areas that are regularly used in order to kill off any bacteria and germs, such as light switches, door handles and doorknobs, faucets, windows. Vacuum every single room, including the hallways and corridors. Mop all tiled floors and hardwood floors with specialized cleaners.

Following moving day, it is essential to disinfect all surfaces that professional movers might have touched. Clean all sinks, doorknobs, handles, windows, and furniture ahead of settling in. Keep in mind that as soon as you start unpacking the boxes and arranging the furniture pieces, some dust and dirt will inevitably be brought into the new home. This is why it’s important to dispose of the packaging materials regularly and properly as you keep unpacking those cardboard boxes. Vacuum all floors after you’re done unpacking and arranging your items.

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