The First Night Box: What to Pack

After all of your planning and decision making for this move, you can finally start to relax and enjoy your new house but you also want to make sure that your first night is a happy experience. After you arrive at your new home and your moving company unloads your belongings, you will likely have boxes everywhere, which can make finding essential items next to impossible.  Packing a special box or two just for your first evening will make your first night in your new home less stressful. The first night kit does not need to be a box; you could choose a suitcase, plastic tub, or even a storage trunk depending on what you need to pack.

Be sure to label the boxes very clearly as “ESSENTIALS,” and keep them separated from the rest of your stuff. When you’re ready to move, put these boxes aside and pack them up last on the truck. If you have room in your personal vehicle, we recommend transporting them yourself for extra easy access.

We’ve created some suggestions to help you plan your first night moving box and alleviate some of the stress that could come from digging through endless boxes just to find your toothbrush or bedsheets.

Clothing & Toiletries – It may take you a few days to get all unpacked and situated in your new home. Because of this, you will need to include a few days of clothing in your first night box. By doing this, you will be able to relax and not worry about which box your need to grab your next outfit from. Tooth brush and tooth paste, soap, shampoo and conditioner. After a long day of moving, you may need to shower and wash your hair. Keeping these items close by will keep you from searching through every box in your house or running out to the store to purchase items you already own. Don’t forget to pack bathroom essentials like towels and tissue. Also don’t forget a standard first aid kit and any medication you may need, as well as towels.

Bedding & Linens – A good night’s sleep will be critical as you embark the next few days on unpacking and settling into your new home. Make sure to have bed linens for every member of the family so everyone experiences a sense of coziness the first night. If you are relocating with small children, make sure the portable sleeper set is easily accessible. And if you have pets, don’t forget to set aside their beds or crates. Pets need a good night’s rest, too!

  • Sheets, pillows, blankets and comforters for the beds
  • Air mattress, folding bed or portable bed (if your primary bed is not going to be assembled)
  • Air pump for the air mattress
  • Set of pajamas for you and your family.

Tools – Something that you might not think to include are basic tools or a tool kit and flashlight. The usual lamps and lighting might not be set up in your new place, and you’ll be grateful to know exactly where the tools are when you start setting up your new home.

Kitchen NecessitiesThe first night in your home will likely mean that you will not have your refrigerator and freezer running. Having a number of non-perishable food items on hand will ensure that you will have something to eat while set up your essentials. You will definitely need some paper plates, disposable cups, napkins and utensils. (If you prefer reducing waste over dishwashing, bring reusable camping utensils and dishes instead of disposable.) For your little ones, sippy cups, bottles, bibs and formula are essential. And for your pets, placing food and water in their “familiar” dishes helps to keep them calm during the transition.

ElectronicsAfter an extensive day of moving, items like your telephone and tablet will likely need to be charged. If you want to celebrate the first night in your new home with some “Netflix and chill” don’t forget to pack your WiFi box, laptop and phone chargers.

Important Documents & Valuables – It is always a good idea to keep jewelry, important documents like passports and birth certificates, as well as valuables in your possession as opposed to being packed in the moving truck. If there are specific documents that you need for your rental agreement or closing, be sure to put them in the moving first night box as well!

Moving into a new home is exciting; a fresh start is such a great feeling. By packing essentials you can easily access when you arrive, it’ll make your first 24 hours far easier, not to mention, much more comfortable. Do you need help with your move? Contact us for a free quote!