Moving During the Holidays

Moving is a stressful experience any time of the year and the holidays are usually a pretty hectic time for most people.  If you plan on moving from December to January, the holiday season can crowd in on the whole process. Therefore, if you’re planning to hire a moving company, make sure to book a reliable service as soon as possible. Here are some tips for balancing your holiday fun and packing up your things for the move.

Organize tasks – The key to being successful at anything is to organize what must be done, and when it needs to be done. We suggest writing down ALL your holiday must dos as well as the holiday wants (like taking an evening to drive around and view light displays). From there, pick designated days that will be devoted to packing your current home. On those days, turn on a Christmas show for the children, and start to tackle how to pack.

Hire Movers – The holiday season is a perfect time to hire a moving company to handle your move. As not a lot of people typically move during the holidays, moving companies are more accommodating during this time of the year. Look for a trusted team of professionals like Elite Moving & Storage to do the packing and transport! It’s likely your friends and family have their own hectic schedules this time of year.

Start Packing Early – Begin a few weeks before your moving day and start by choosing a location to stage all your boxes. A garage, if you have one can be a perfect location. Then go room by room taking first all the things that won’t be moving with you. Moving is a perfect time to de-clutter! Then, go room by room packing up all the non-essentials. Get all your books packed because you can visit the library until your closing day, pack all your off-season clothes, pull down everything from the attic, extra bedding, etc. We also suggest packing up your Christmas decor, gift wrap, presents, and holiday wardrobe in separate and clearly labeled boxes. You could ask the movers to put them in a specific place. This way you can unpack your holiday treasures as soon as you arrive and make the new place feel like home. Don’t stress to unpack the whole house and take time to enjoy the holidays! You’ll have plenty of time to unpack after.

Cold Weather – Many places across the US experience cold, snowy conditions during the holidays. Therefore, make sure to pack accordingly. And don’t forget to bring supplies to help you load and unload in the weather. Make sure you are prepared for slippery surfaces as you load and unload. Ask your moving company about the weather conditions and how they might affect the shipment of your household goods. Try to keep good communication so they can update you and make sure to ask any questions you have regarding holiday moves.

Floor Protection – The weather outside is frightful and Elite Moving & Storage offers the perfect solution to keeping your floors clean and scratch-free as we move your items from the truck into your home. Floor runners are protective materials that safeguard your floors during your move. This floor runners are blue with a rubberized bottom, so they stay in place when you walk over them. They are designed from high-quality materials for areas of your home that experience high traffic or specific sections of the floor that have heavy objects that could damage them.

Moving during the holidays may feel stressful at first, but keeping organized and planning ahead will get you where you need to be. Remember not to let anxiety take away your holiday spirit, since this season should be one of the best times of the year! Call Elite Moving and Storage today for a free quote! Our expertise and efficiency help you have peace of mind and give you a quality experience from start to finish.