Should you Move in the Middle of the Week or on the Weekend?

Wherever you’re moving, the timing of your move is a very important decision to make. You may ask yourself if it’s best to move on a weekday or weekend. When making that decision of moving during weekdays or weekends, you have to consider family, work, traffic, and your moving company. But, one of the primary reasons to ask yourself this question starts with PRICE. 

Is a Weekday Move Cheaper?  

This is probably the most important question to consider when moving. In general, moving companies charge more during peak times to relocate movers. These times are summer, holidays, and the first and last several days of the month and weekends. However, moving companies are less busy during the months from October to April and weekdays. So the short answer is weekdays are usually cheaper!

Movers can charge different rates depending on what day you move, and as with any relocation, the cost of every move is unique.

The Pros and Cons of Weekday vs. Weekend Moves

Some pros for moving during the week include:

  • Lower costs: cheaper moving company rates are likely to be found during the week, and you might even find that your savings from moving during the week will offset any costs associated with losing a day of work, if that’s a factor.
  • More money for other expenses: many people are able to apply the savings from moving during the week to extras such as having the moving company handle some of their packing. Letting packing professionals take control over the boxes, bubble wrap, and organization can give you the peace of mind you really need right now to handle bigger concerns.
  • The kids are at school: you love your kids, but moving with children of any age can add a layer of stress and interruption that will just prolong the process. On a weekday, with kids away at school or daycare, you can focus on the task at hand—the move—without additional distractions
  • Switching on utilities: if you move into your new home during the week and find that your gas and electric still hasn’t been turned on, it can be easier to have utility companies resolve the issue promptly during regular weekday business hours rather than waiting it out over a weekend
  • Take the weekend to settle in: if you move on a Thursday or Friday, you’ll have the upcoming weekend to unpack, unwind, and explore the area around your new home. It’s nice to have a little down time after a stressful move. You can even pop open a bottle of wine to celebrate, and not have to worry about getting up for work the next morning.


Some cons for moving during the week include:

  • Work time loss: moving on a weekday can mean that you’ll miss a day or two of work, depending on the distance you’re traveling. Some people don’t wish to lose a day of work, or depending on the nature of their work, may not be able to.
  • Time away from school: aside from the summer, this might pose an issue to move during the week during the school year. A weekday move might disrupt your children’s school schedule and activities, especially if your child will be switching schools.
  • Shortage of Help: even if you’re enlisting the services of a moving company, you may need the help of some friends or family to help with packing and transporting your possessions. During the week with people’s work schedules, you may find that not everyone is available to help you.  


Some pros for moving during the weekend include:

  • Less work week loss: naturally, if you work during the week, time away from the office is minimized. And since nearly half of all interstate moves within the U.S. are related to opportunities for work, your job may play an important role in choosing the best time to pack and move. Weekend moves won’t usually disrupt your work schedule or infringe on your vacation time in most cases.
  • No missed school: children won’t miss important days of learning at school with a weekend move, or, if they’re transferring to a new school, they’ll be able to start at the beginning of a new week, which might ease their transition to new settings.
  • No rush hour traffic: even though weekends can be busy with errand traffic, weekday rush hours can be even more brutal. This isn’t always the case, but something to keep in mind, especially if you’re moving far.


Some cons for moving during the weekend include:

  • Busy movers: weekends, holidays, and summer are typically “peak” times for people to move, which means that moving companies will always be busier during these times. If you can only move over a weekend, you’ll probably pay more, but not necessarily unreasonable rates. You’ll need to make sure to book your move as far in advance as possible, as weekend schedules fill up fast.
  • Limited unpacking time: even though a weekend move may be more easy to handle, it could leave you less time to unpack before having to jump back into the work week. This may not be as bothersome to you, but if you have other family members, it could add to their stress over settling in and getting back to normal
  • Some city buildings have restrictions: if you’re moving to or from a city, check with the people in charge of the building. Some buildings do not allow for weekend moves
  • Jacked up prices: some moving companies increase their prices for moving on weekends because of the high demand. Elite Moving and Storage, however, does not. Our prices remain the same no matter what day of the week you move, although availability is more limited. 


Make Your Move an Easy Decision with Elite Moving & Storage  

Moving your home on a weekend or during the week is a decision that only you can make based on a lot of variables in your life and the needs of your family. Elite Moving & Storage can help you save time and money by handling all aspects of your relocation move whether it’s across town or across country, so that you can focus on what’s important. 

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, and we strive to ensure that our movers, storage personnel, and office staff are professionally trained to provide all of our clients with great customer service and an excellent moving experience, so you can start your new life adventure on the right note. Call us for quotes and guidance to make your move as carefree as it can be!