Lesser Known Mobile Markets to Help You Declutter Before Your Move

You never truly understand how much stuff you have until it comes time to move it all. That’s what makes moving such a fantastic opportunity to minimize and organise your belongings into what you really want and need. Shedding the extraneous can be a great way not only to cut down on the time, effort, and cost of moving, but it also allows you to come into your new home in a new place with a certain weight off your shoulders.

As for how to cut out the junk, it’s easier now than ever! No more hauling everything out to the lawn, traipsing around in the sweltering heat putting up “garage sale” signs until some neighbour takes pity on you and finally takes that old couch off your hands. The internet has made it oh-so-easy to find eager, reliable buyers for your unwanted items—everything from clothes to furniture to tech.

Of course there are the ones you’ve heard of: eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, but the internet landscape nowadays has so much more! Here are a few options for that pre-move purge that you may have never heard of.


For Selling Clothes


If your closet is overflowing with dresses, tops, jeans and more, consider selling these secondhand goods via the Poshmark mobile app. Based on the social media fashion landscape, Poshmark allows users to follow like-minded clothing lovers, allowing sellers to easily find the right market for their pieces. List clothing and fashion accessories by taking a photo of each item to be posted for sellers to see. Poshmark users can also attend “Posh Parties,” virtual buying and selling parties that happen within the Poshmark app.

Poshmark is best for those looking to sell more expensive clothing items—things you’re looking to get a little bit more money for. Since each item must be listed separately and listings can become more complex, this site works best for users looking to sell too many clothes.


ThredUP functions in a very different way. Users can order a free kit online and send clothing in good condition for review. ThredUP will then send cash or credit for the pieces they keep. This system is perfect if you’re looking to get rid of clothes in bulk and don’t want to go through the trouble of listing individual items. It’s for those who are more concerned about clearing clutter, and less about getting a good price. Any clothing items that thredUP doesn’t accept will be recycled, which makes it one of the more sustainable options on the used clothes market.


Vinted is another secondhand clothing alternative that functions somewhere between the Poshmark and threadUp. You can set prices for individual items, but also set items to be “swappable” rather than asking for a monetary price. As a user, you have access to thousands of clothing items, and as a seller you can build up your market and profile by gaining followers. This may be more time consuming, but can also lead to increased interest, better payouts, and even the formation of a community for you in the app.


For Selling Electronics


Gone’s mobile app makes selling old electronics easy. They will vet and locate potential buyers for you as well as helping you determine a price, making the sale, and taking care of the shipping and handling. As a buyer, all you have to do is upload the information on your electronics. Once a buyer is found, Gone will send a box with a prepaid return label for the shipment.


Decluttr works in a very similar way, taking users’ electronics offers, quoting a price, and handling the rest. Then, the day after your shipment arrives, they release the payment directly to you. Decluttr even allows for the sale of broken electronics like computers with missing keys or phones with broken screens that won’t turn on. Of course, you won’t get a very high price for them, but it’s better than nothing. The site will buy used textbooks, CDs, and DVDs as well and, perhaps most peculiar of all, deals in secondhand Legos.


For Selling Furniture


Trove is primarily a furniture buying/selling platform, although they also deal in electronics, art, kitchen decor, and more. You can list your items and set your own prices on this platform for free, although they do take a 10% commission on sales. As well as listing your own price, you can set times to meet potential buyers and, of course, the final sale decision is yours. Trove also allows you to search for items by city or Zip Code, making it more likely that buyers will be in your area which, especially with large furniture items, makes transfer and transport much more convenient.


Specifically for furniture of a certain style and quality, Chairish is a more upscale resale site for where higher-end, vintage and boho-style furniture will be able to easily find a new home. Chairish has its own pricing resource—the Chairish Pink Book—to help price your item before adding a listing alongside quality photos on the app. There are multiple selling plans within the app, and the commission depends on the item—20% for sales up to $2500, then decreasing as items grow more expensive.


For Selling Books


BookScouter is not so much for selling books themselves, but is a tool to help users find the best price for the books their looking to sell. BookScouter’s website says they’re just for textbook buyback, but increasingly they deal in regular trade books as well. BookScouter will tell you what websites will currently pay for each book you’re trying to sell. This will give you a good idea of whether or not it’s even worth selling your books. Remember, all of these websites pay based on what they think they can sell books for, so books with higher demand will sell for more.


Especially for the excess college or high school textbooks you have lying around, Cash4Books can be a great resource to get rid of some of that clutter. Just download the Cash4Books app, enter the ISBN code, and Cash4Books will give you a quote. If you choose to accept it, they’ll send you an email link to print a prepaid label. Box up your book, and if the book passes inspection, you get paid within two weeks by check or PayPal.


For Selling Music Equipment


If it’s been five years, and all you’ve taught yourself to play on the guitar is the riff from “Smoke on the Water,” maybe it’s finally time to get rid of that old guitar. For that and any other musical instruments, DJ equipment, amps, audio exponent, ,and more, use Reverb for sales. Reverb is a specialty app that specialises in this kind of equipment. You can list as many items as you want for free, but when they sell, you pay Reverb takes a commission of 3.5%. Money changes hands via Reverb itself or PayPal.


Some Of Our Top Overall Picks


The mobile app OfferUp allows users to buy and sell all kinds of belongings right from their smartphones. According to the company’s site, OfferUp’s mission is to become the “simplest, most trustworthy place for people to buy and sell locally.” Using the app, sellers can post a photo of their item, describe its condition and set a price. Once it’s listed, they’ll be able to chat with potential buyers through the app. OfferUp allows users to create profiles to help increase reliability and to help buyers and sellers alike avoid scams. After you’ve completed a transaction, OfferUp also allows for input of reviews and feedback to further encourage an honest and trustworthy community.


Perhaps one of the best-known mobile marketplace apps is Letgo. This mobile app is free, fast and easy to use. The app helps users buy and sell secondhand things primarily nearby and in their own neighborhoods, dealing in everything from electronics and sneakers to furniture and children’s toys. The advantage of using Letgo is that it’s extremely easy to post an ad—snap a photo of your stuff and upload it to the app. Users don’t even need to post a title to their post. Users can also be able chat instantly and privately with buyers and other sellers.


Launched in 2014, 5miles is one of the best secondhand sale sites for selling items to buyers in your immediate area—within, as the name implies, five miles. The process is simple, snapping a photo and entering a short description as well as including a location to determine the radius of people that will be able to see it. To avoid scams, 5miles makes it possible to identify potential buyers by their Facebook accounts or phone numbers. However, beyond this, all contact and private information is kept confidential. Feedback and ratings can also be input into the app. If you are open to in-person sales, 5miles also allows you to find and share information about local yard/garage sales among other things. Because of the limited geographical scope, this platform may work best for those in highly populated areas, such as in or nearby a large metropolitan area.


Mercari is a similarly diverse mobile marketplace, dealing in a wide range of items, but is good for those looking to widen their network of buyers. This app connects users across the country, providing a larger audience for sales. This helps you get a better price, although it may also make the process of finding and connecting with a buyer more complex and time-consuming. Once the app is downloaded, users post a photo and details of the items for sale and the ad is shown to interested buyers nationwide. Users can pay safely with a credit or debit card, and rate buyers or sellers as well.


And For All That’s Left: Use Elite

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