10 Creative Uses for your Leftover Moving Boxes

Picture this: you’re all moved in. It was exhausting but it was worth it. You’re unpacked, margarita in hand, and freshly showered (you needed it), and you’re just aching to sit down and put your feet up. The only issue? Finding a square inch of your new place that isn’t completely covered in cardboard.

Moving boxes, moving boxes as far as the eye can see–but what do you do with them once your move is complete? That’s the question. It’s easy to just throw them out or recycle them, and that is certainly an option–they’re biodegradable after all–but that can still leave you feeling a little bit wasteful. Maybe you’ve even grown attached to those boxes–you spent a lot of time packing them up.

So if you’re not ready to part with your boxes, or you just want a little crafting inspiration to get your creative juices flowing after a stressful move, here are 8 innovative projects to give your leftover moving boxes a second life.


1.   DIY Plant Boxes

If you just moved, chances are you got at least one housewarming plant, and you may or may not have anywhere to put it. Well believe it or not, you have all the supplies you need right there. Cardboard can be used to make adorable rustic plant boxes. Cardboard can even be used to help grow your plants through composting! Although wax-coated cardboards must be avoided. Shredded cardboard works best for composting. If you cannot shred it, just rip it into small pieces removing any tape or other plastic stuff in the process

Tutorial/Source: bobvilla.com

2.   Homemade Cat Scratcher

If you have a cat at home, making leftover boxes into a homemade scratching post can not only be a fun project, but can also save all your new furniture and upholstery. It’s a brand new house! As much as you love your cat, we can sympathize with wanting to redirect her scratching elsewhere, and the unique texture of cardboard may just do the trick.

Tutorial/Source: dreamalittlebigger.com

3.   Thank you cards

From farewell gifts to neighborly welcome offerings, if you’re moving you may find yourself in need of a thank you card or two sooner than you think. Cardboard boxes can be easily cut into elegant stationary, and its thickness gives your card an elegant weight. Your new neighbors will be thrilled with the thought you put into it, and all without spending a penny.

Tutorial/Source: candycardmd.tumblr.com

4.   Gift boxes

Have you ever tried to wrap a tricycle? Or a violin? A giant stuffed bear? Some things just can’t be wrapped up on their own, and that’s where boxes come in. Moving boxes–with a some nice paper, a little tape, and a big, sparkly bow, can make holiday, anniversary, or birthday gifts look gorgeous rather than resembling a sheet of wrapping paper the family dog chewed up and spit out. See examples of how to dress up your cardboard boxes for any occasion here:

Tutorial/Source: cleverpoppy.nz

5.   Storage boxes

Even though you can use boxes for a variety of things, storage is their true calling–but that storage doesn’t have to look crude and temporary. Similar to gift boxes, you can do a lot to a plain old moving box that will make it fit for display in any fully furnished family room, dining room, bedroom, or kitchen.

custom storage boxes from moving boxes

Tutorial/Source: brit.co

6.   Indoor Doghouse

Moving can be just as stressful for animals as it can be for people, and being in a completely new environment–new places, new sounds, new smells–can be overwhelming for your pets. So why not treat them to a cute, handmade doghouse where they can feel fully at home. Not only can this be a safe space for your pet while they adjust, but making it can also be a great project for the family and a great reminder to give your furry friend lots of extra care and cuddles until everything settles down.

Tutorial/Source: tatertotsandjello.com

7.   Cardboard Cityscape

This fun project, designed by Crayola, is just as much fun to make as it is to play with. YOu can even make a cardboard model of your new town! Go out, scope out the sights, and have you and your kids create cardboard copies of all the buildings they’ll be seeing every day. New schools, the library, your new house–get to know all the new landmarks in your town while you create a great new playset for your little ones.

Tutorial/Source: crayola.com

8.   Drawer Dividers

Some types of boxes–especially ones made specifically for separating and protecting dishware and other small, breakable items, work particularly well for this, but any box can be cut down to size and slit to make easy, helpful dividers for your work desk or vanity. Ideal for getting yourself organized in your new place and making sure it stays that way.

Tutorial/Source: www.applegreencottage.com

9.   DIY Decorative Letters

You don’t need to spend a fortune at Home Goods or any other store to get those cute, decorative letters you see everywhere nowadays. Make your own by cutting them out of cardboard moving boxes and with a little paint, your living room will be Pinterest ready in no time! Depending on how many boxes you have left over, you can probably do the whole alphabet ten times over, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to what letters, words, or symbols you want to decorate your home with.

Tutorial/Source: diyeverywhere.com

10.  The greatest toy in the world

Barbies, Hotwheels, Legos, and Cabbage Patch Kids are all well and good, but we all know what the O.G. best toy is–the simple cardboard box. A big box is a rocketship. It’s a house. It’s a racecar, a submarine, and a castle all in one.

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