8 Tips to Ensure A Safe Move

8 Tips to Ensure A Safe Move


There are plenty of tips on how to make the moving process more efficient, more intuitive, and less stressful, but before a move can be any of those things, it should be safe.

Moving is hardly free soloing or swimming with sharks, but like any activity that involves physical exertion and heavy lifting, it can be dangerous. And if you’re not prepared, the repercussions could be more serious than you think.

The good news is that many of the common injuries or safety risks associated with moving can be very easily precluded. Here are some top tips from Elite Moving and Storage’s professional movers that will help you do just that.


1.   Use Safe Lifting Techniques

Lifting techniques may seem like something only relevant to professional weightlifters or people that haul refrigerators for a living, but being able to properly use your body and lift heavy objects in a safe way can come in handy for everyone—especially when you’re moving.

Here are some other top lifting tips:

  • Have a firm grip at all times
  • Always keep your back straight while lifting and carrying (a.k.a. the classic “Lift with your lets)
  • Keep heavy objects centered in relation to your body, and hold them tightly to you to ensure they don’t rock your balance
  • If you need to turn around while carrying heavy items, do so by moving your feet together with the load in small steps


2.   If It Feels Too Heavy, It’s Too Heavy

This might seem obvious, but when moving, it’s easy to over-exert yourself. In a rush to get things done or in a fit of frustration, you might push yourself too far. Unfortunately, that usually ends in injury as well as an even more drawn out, frustrating move. So air on the side of caution; if you have even an inkling that you might not be able to handle a certain box on your own, don’t push it.

Don’t pack too much in any box, make sure you have friends and equipment to help you, and—most of all—listen to your instincts.

3.   Equipment is Key

There are some things you just can’t carry on your own unless you’re some sort of super hero. That’s where having the correct equipment comes in. Especially if you’re doing any furniture moving by yourself, having the proper moving equipment is integral to getting everything done safely.

Make your move much safer, both for yourself and your possessions, by renting or purchasing a moving dolly. Use either a 2-wheel appliance dolly (aka a hand truck) or a 4-wheel furniture dolly to reduce the strain on your body and prevent any risks of injuries or accidents. Elite Moving and Storage even sells moving equipment like dollies on our online store alongside boxes and packing equipment one-stop-shop for all your moving purchases.

Furniture sliders are another important piece of equipment. These are pieces of plastic or rubber that enable you to slide furniture rather than having to carry it which could take even professionals a lot of time and manpower. By sliding your furniture across the floor, you can do some of your most strenuous work with relative speed and ease.

4.   Wear suitable clothes and shoes

When it comes to moving, the clothing you wear can be a part of “equipment” as well. Outfitting yourself for the day to ensure a safe experience is easy, but not always top of mind. And the wrong type of clothes or shoes could easily lead to serious injury.\

Dress appropriately for the occasion. Wear comfortable clothes made of flexible and breathable fabric. Avoid baggy clothes that may easily get hooked onto something.

It’s especially crucial that you wear a closed pair of shoes that will provide a good level of support. No flimsy flip flops or heels. And keep those toes protected.

There are also additional wearable items that may be of use to you. These are things you may have around the house, or that you can purchase at any hardware store or general store like Target or WalMart.

Work Gloves: Gloves can help you grip objects better as well as protecting your hands from splinters, nails, dirt, or any other nasty stuff you may encounter during the moving process. These are more hardcore than your average yard glove. Stretchable, sweat-resistant fabric and padding help your hands stay unschathed while increasing the ease of lifting and working.

Tool Belt: This can be a helpful tool for keeping tape, markers, screwdrivers, and any other tool that you feel the need for during a move. Your productivity can take a major hit if you’re constantly running around looking for things, so keeping them on your person can be quite helpful both for your efficiency and your sanity.

Moving Straps: This last one is a little more niche, but if you have lots of heavy objects and are absolutely determined to move them yourself, they may just be worth it. Moving straps and supports are designed to reduce the stress on high-injury areas such as your back, shoulders, and knees. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully before you use them.

5.   Make your exit routes as safe as possible

One of the most easily forgotten safety tips is making sure all hallways, paths, stairs, and outside areas are clear of any obstacles. This is an easy way to protect yourself from possible hazards that could compromise your safety on moving day or otherwise.

Before you start moving—before you start setting up boxes, even—plan and inspect your route. Make sure there are no obstructions or divots you could trip on, no spaces too tight to fit everything through, and no other boxes in the way. Scattered moving supplies like rolls of tape, unpacked items, or broken down boxes can also get in the way, so make sure you clear as you go.

Make note of outdoor obstacles too—this is a little harder considering they can appear or disappear by the day. But before you start really moving, make sure you’ve checked the area around your home for patches of mud, water, or ice when applicable to ensure an easy route and an easy move.

6.   Keep small feet (and paws) far from the moving day action

There are lots of ways children can help with a move—packing, organizing, taping boxes—but moving heavy items and furniture is not one of them. At Elite, our primary goal is the safety not only of your belongings, but of you and your family, and that includes children and any furry friends.

Although the sea of moving boxes may look like a fun place to play hide and seek, it is certainly not a place children (or anyone, really) should be running around.

The best way to ensure no child or pet is injured during the move would be to remove them entirely from the equation. Having a friend or relative watch your children or pets for the day can not only ensure their safety, but can also allow you and your movers to focus and work more diligently. This will make the move faster and eliminate any worry on your part that any tiny hands, feet, or paws will suffer an injury in all the hubbub.

7.   Eat healthy food, stay hydrated, sleep well

Don’t underestimate the importance of eating properly, drinking enough, and getting enough sleep during your pre-move preparation period.

It’s easy to want to get everything done quickly, and to think that pesky activities like drinking water or taking a lunch break will eat into your moving time, but failing to take care of yourself can leave you faint or weak and can lead to lapses in judgement that could result in all kinds of accidents.

To prevent this, take frequent breaks, stay hydrated, and power your body with regular, balanced meals. You can even keep a snack pack full of nutrient-packed foods like mixed nuts or dried fruit with you while you work.

Don’t deprive your body and mind of sleep either, especially just to finish off one more moving task. A sleep deprived you is almost certainly not the version of yourself that you want making important moving and packing decisions. Plus, you’re probably more efficient when you’re…you know…awake.


8.   Use Professionals Like Elite

There are lots of ways to stay safe when moving on your own, but where, might you ask, is the safest place to be during a move? The answer: sitting back watching the action. At Elite, we do the work right so you don’t have to do it at all—or at least we’ll do the heavy lifting. Pun intended.

That’s why moving companies like Elite exist, not only to ensure you move into your new home with ease, but also that you make the journey safely. With over 15 years of experience, Elite’s moving professionals can handle any move efficiently, and you can breathe easily knowing your belongings are safe and so are you.

To get a quote for a safe, hassle-free move, visit elitemover.com