Tips for a Killer Summer Housewarming Party

After months of planning a move and the big day itself, a housewarming party is a fun reward for a job well done. And combine that with the beautiful weather and fabulous potential of a summer shindig, you’ll find that the possibilities are endless! Whether it’s a full summer BBQ or Chardonnay on the balcony, summer is the most popular time to move and the perfect time to celebrate.


Theming Your Housewarming Party

If you want, housewarming itself is theme enough, but if you feel like giving the celebration a subject, here are some simple solutions that can still bring something extra to your event.

Location: Especially if you’ve just gone through a long distance move, make your new home the center of attention. Decorate with an homage to famous monuments, people, and whatever else from your new city or state. Even regional foods or traditions can make your party a real celebration of not just your new house, but your new home beyond those four walls.

Summer: It’s the season of school’s-out, fun-in-the-sun, excitement; what’s not to love? Make the freedom and joy of summer the highlight of your party with a beach theme, a BBQ, and, of course, lots of time soaking up some rays. Make sure your guests bring their shades (and pray that the weather follows your theme too.)

Unpacking: If you just can’t wait to get the party started, think about throwing an unpacking party. This is exactly what it sounds like: getting a little help from your friends in unpacking those last boxes, all while having a laugh over delicious summer refreshments. Even chores like emptying boxes can be fun when you find yourself with the right crowd. Of course, this is probably better with people you already know. New neighbors might not be so keen on coming to a party only to help you organize your kitchen.

Color: Pick a color any color. This is a simple theme that leaves the possibilities wide open. It’s more about decor and design than a specific topic, so let your imagination go wild. This might be a good theme if your house has a strong sense of color already, or if you already have decor in place and you’re particularly proud of your interior design capabilities.

Something specific to you: The last theme is really up to you. Is there something you’re particularly passionate about? Something you want your new friends and neighbors to know about you? Something that defines you? Whether it be a sport, a hobby, a favorite animal, or a favorite film, making your party specific to you will help not only to make your event memorable, but help you yourself make friends with similar interests. Your true crime celebration may not be for everyone, but who knows, maybe you’ll find someone as intrigued by Jeffrey Dahmer as you are.


What’s on the menu?

Housewarming parties need, at the very least, a few snacks to keep guests happy. Of course you can also do a whole meal or even a potluck, but the important thing is that it’s delicious—and that it doesn’t cause you too much stress right after a big move. Remember, this isn’t a dinner party; you can keep it easy and tasty without giving yourself a hernia with some of these simple ideas

Order in: Get food from a neighborhood favorite. Not only is this by far the easiest method, but it also gives you a chance to explore local eateries nearby and get a feel for the food scene in your new home. You can even ask friends and neighbors for their favs so everyone gets something they love, and you find a new favorite pizza joint or Chinese takeout spot.

Who cut the cheese?: A cheese or charcuterie board is a great, simple, and still elegant way to serve a lot of people. The nature of it allows everyone to find something they like, and organizing a nice board can be fun for the artistically minded. You can even have different boards—meats, cheeses, even desserts—for a fun, customizable experience.

Potluck: Get all your friends and neighbors in on the action. With a potluck, there’s something for everyone, and you get a taste not only of delicious food, but of the kinds of people you’ll now be seeing on a daily basis. The food someone cooks or brings can tell a lot about a person, so learn a little something about your neighbors while chowing down on some delicious dishes. Less work for you, more food for everyone.

Classic Cookout: It’s summer, and if you have the yard for it, a cookout is the perfect way to spend a temperate evening. Burgers, hot dogs, even grilled fish or vegetables are an option. It’s a delicious way to enjoy a variety of foods, incredibly fun and interactive, and who knows, the delicious smell may attract even more friends and neighbors your way.


Drinks, Anyone?

When it comes to throwing a good party—housewarming or otherwise—there’s one main rule when it comes to drinks: don’t run out. But of course there’s more to it than that, and you want to make the most of your big cheers to your big move.

Batch up cocktails: You’ll be too busy mixing with guests to mix up their drinks as well. Prepare big-batch cocktails served in pitchers or dispensers. Or, let everyone help themselves to a drink station stocked with wine and beer and lemonade and iced tea. Be sure to place the bar strategically, as, without fail, revelers end up revolving around it.

Have non-alcoholic beverages as well: Whether it’s for kids, pregnant women, or just anyone who has to work in the morning, it’s important to have a variety of beverages from beer, to wine, to soda, and of course, remember to put water out. Especially if it’s a particularly hot summer day.

Match the drinks to the occasion: You don’t need to put out your finest bottles to impress. Remember, it’s about you and your home, not about your wining and dining capabilities. Just make sure there’s something for everyone, and your guests will be happy.


What To Do at a Housewarming Party

So you’ve got the menu down, but what else is there to do? You shouldn’t feel the need to create a whole itinerary, but it can be nice to have one or two things planned to make the evening memorable or in case there’s a lull in conversation.

Outdoor activities: Summer is perfect for outdoor activities. If you have a lawn, you can set up games like badminton, croquet, or cornhole that everyone—young or old—can get involved in. And if you’re lucky enough to have a fire pit, take advantage of the cool night air by roasting marshmallows and ending your night with delicious s’mores.

Even if you don’t have a big yard, setting up simple board or card games or even charades on a balcony can be an equally fun way to soak up the sun.

Get to know your neighbors: Of course you do this just by talking, but icebreaker games like two-truths-and-a-lie or never-have-I-ever can be a fun way to get to know things about them that you may not have discovered any other way.

Give a grand tour: It’s the whole reason for celebration! You’ve put copious effort into planning, packing, and it’s finally paid off! Revel in it a little bit and show off all the things you love about your beautiful new home.


Some More Tips and Tricks

Last but not least, here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about your summer housewarming party in the general sense.

Keep Your Housewarming Cool: Even though you’re housewarming, you don’t want it to get too hot. Especially during the summer, being outside in the scorching sun can ruin anyone’s party spirit. So keep your party to the evening time, just as the day starts to cool off. Not only is this the perfect time to unwind, but it also puts you at the perfect time to start preparing a nice evening meal.

Use the Space You Have: Obviously the big BBQ blowout is the most quintessential summer party, but just because you don’t have a big backyard or a fancy grill doesn’t mean you can’t have a great summer party. Use whatever access you have—yard, balcony, even nice, natural light through large windows, to soak up the sun and make the season a part of the celebration.

There’s No Rush: When it comes to the timing of your housewarming party, remember that there’s no rush. A new home will still be new in a few weeks or even a couple of months. Everyone knows that unpacking takes time, and you don’t want guests coming over too quickly, only to trip over boxes in a cluttered entryway. You want to present a home you’re proud of.

This will also allow you time to get to know your neighbors and others around you before your party. Of course, the event itself is a great meet-and-greet event, but it’s even better if you have time to meet people beforehand and really curate your guest list for a lovely evening.

How to write your invite: Whether a dinner party, a BBQ, simple drinks, or a potluck, the wording of the invites should reflect the style of the event. A formal invitation may be suited to some events, but a casual note or even a text or email can be sufficient for a casual get together. As long as you remember the essentials: address, day, time, and general information about what to expect.

Keep decor simple: It’s a housewarming party, so you want to show off your real house. Your decor, your style, (maybe not completely finished) but authentically you. Besides, you’ll be a little busy, what with moving and unpacking and all. That being said, there are a few things that can really liven up a new house, especially if you don’t have much time for a full home makeover.

  • Add some greenery to your household for a more natural feel, a little added calm, a fresh, natural fragrance, and the feel of home. Even something as simple and easy as a succulent can do wonders.
  • Hang some art. Even if you don’t have everything exactly where you want it, the art you choose shows your style and interests—a great thing to put on display when meeting new neighbors and friends. Plus interesting art pieces can be great conversation starters.
  • Toilet paper isn’t exactly decor, but that being said, make sure you have enough of the essentials. Keep important paper products and other household items like trash bags well-stocked and within reach for you or anyone who needs them.

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