5 Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing to Move

 Spending Too Much or Too Little on Packing and Packaging

When you’re getting ready for moving, packing is usually the thing that takes up the majority of your time. Whether it’s packing up everything into boxes, figuring out how to best pack everything into the moving van, or simply what to take with you on the day of your move, packing is half the battle when it comes to moving. However, sometimes people can become overzealous when it comes to packing.

Figuring out and properly allocating the ideal time and resources to packing can help streamline your move and make it go by that much easier. When you’re moving, the common mistake can be to spend too much on boxes and packing materials. Packing materials can be cheaply sourced! Anything from newspapers, to blankets, to cheap packing peanuts can do wonders for your budget and make sure that you’re being moved out in a timely manner. At Elite Moving & Storage, we use high quality durable boxes and the right packing materials to make sure your items will make it to the destination in the same condition.


Forgetting to Take Measurements

Sometimes we feel a tremendous rush when we’re moving. This can lead to some simple, yet costly errors when the time comes to actually move. When examining your new space, it’s important to take detailed measurements of everything from the walls to counter tops. This can help inform you how much you may need to sort through and get rid of/donate, or how much you need to pack.

But it doesn’t just stop there. You should have a good idea of how much space all of your furniture and accessories will take up. Everything from your bed frame to your couch to your side tables should all be measured and you should have some idea going into the move what furniture may need to be a casualty of the move. This can really help speed up your move time as it may simply result in fewer items being taken due to space constraints.


Not Labeling

One of the biggest mistakes of moving is one of the simplest. Forgetting to label your boxes and/or have any concrete plan for box organization can hamper an entire move. The simple act of labeling boxes either for their contents or what room they’re supposed to go into can seem straightforward, but it can also get lost in the shuffle of hectic moving days. Labeling can be done with just a sharpie and your hand!


Forgetting to Change Your Address  

Another thing that can escape the newly moved is forgetting to change their address both with their city and their bank and even the government. This is a very important thing to take care of because the implications of not doing it can lead to you missing things like bills, housing information, and can have tax implications depending on where you move to. Making sure everything is squared away in that sector will give you ease of mind and should be a top priority when moving.


Failing to Research Your Movers

Having bad or apathetic movers can lead to both bad vibes and potential damage to your property. Researching the moving companies in your area, looking at reviews, and making sure that you find the right one for your budget and timeline is crucial to a successful move

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