An Updated Guide to Packing!

Packing, it’s the most important and time-consuming part of a move. There are lots of elements that you have to think about when you begin your packing journey. Thinking about how to pack for a move, and doing so successfully can really make your moving day experience go even smoother.


Knowing Your Items

Knowing what items are important to pack into boxes is the 101 of packing. These items are often clothes, china, cups, other small items, and electronics. Each of these types of items requires a different style and type of packing to make sure that everything not only stays in place but arrives at the destination undamaged.

  • For electronics, you’ll want to keep them secure and make sure they’re packed with lots of packing peanuts or with blankets to ensure they don’t get scratched up
  • China is obviously very delicate, so separating them from other items is key. You’ll likely want to separate the items into their different types – plates, bowls, cups, etc. And then wrap them in tissue paper to ensure they also don’t scratch each other. The tissue paper also acts as a cheap, reusable packing material.
  • Clothes can often take the longest to pack up because you have to fold them, separate them, and then label everything so it doesn’t get mixed up. However, if you really want to save a bunch of time and energy and don’t care whether your clothes get too wrinkled, you can simply put your clothes into garbage bags and pack them that way. It’s surprisingly space efficient and can save you a lot of time.

There are many other items that you’ll likely be packing, but this is just a short list of essentials and how to pack them!


Securing Your Packages

The next item on the agenda is making sure that all of your items are safe and, more importantly, secure during the move. Double tape every box to make sure that nothing is going to fall out. Don’t pack boxes too heavy to decrease the risk of something falling or breaking through. Double-check that all of the boxes and furniture have made it into the moving van and that everyone knows where everything is going. Making a list, checking it twice, and ensuring that everything you packed made it onto the van and arrives at your destination is of great importance.


What Elite can do for You

Here at Elite, we understand that your time is important. We are fully prepared to help with all of your packing needs. By allowing Elite Moving & Storage to pack for you, we take the strain and stress out of your move. Our professional movers ensure maximum protection for your belongings.

With our full packing service, you don’t move a muscle. Our professional movers/packers will bring the boxes to your door on the day of the move, pack all items that fit into the boxes, and crate the larger furniture with glass tops and doors. We’ll also provide mattress covers for your beds and pack your electronics. We’ll pack everything in just a few hours, freeing up your time to take care of more important matters—and saving you from living out of boxes in the weeks before the move!