Thinking of Moving? Here’s Why You Should Move to Chicago

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States. With a little under three million people living within the city limits, figuring out how to navigate it can be a daunting task. Luckily, we’re here to give you a guide to the city we love so much!

First Things First 

Chicago is big, like really big. Like we said earlier, it’s home to almost three million people! You’ll have so many places to visit and explore. Whether it’s going to visit Grant Park downtown on a nice summer day, visiting the convention center at McCormack Place, or going out to the bars in Logan Square, you’ll never run out of things to do in the city.

This is made all the easier by the large amount of public transportation located within Chicago. Chicago has the second most expansive series of rail lines in the United States, second only to New York. Combining this with an army of buses, Divvy bikes, and walkable neighborhoods, Chicago is much more accessible than other large US cities, and a lot of people don’t even own cars.

On top of all of that, Chicago is full of amazing people. We have all the characteristics of the big city with that vintage midwestern charm. People aren’t afraid to help you out if you need it, and there’s always someone smiling and laughing.


Yes, Chicago can get cold, very cold. There are occasions where it’s colder here than it is on the surface of Mars. But that cold is what helps define some of the city’s most iconic elements. For one, dibs. Every year we get a bunch of snow, and that can make parking on the street difficult. Oftentimes what people will do is clear out a patch of snow in front of their house and then “reserve” it by putting some lawn chairs or maybe a traffic cone in the patch of cleared out snow. These are usually respected by everyone and can make for some funny times.

However it’s not all just biting cold, Chicago is known for having beautiful summers. Since we’re right on the lake, it never gets too hot for too long. The lake provides a nice cooling effect that keeps temperatures warm, but not evil. Speaking of the lake, the beaches are free! While the water may be a little cold, it can make for a wonderful time out in the sun.

Top Moving Destinations in Chicago

There are a lot of unique and amazing neighborhoods to move to in Chicago, here are some of our favorites!

Moving to Lincoln Park: Probably one of the most famous Chicago neighborhoods due to the Zoo, but there’s a lot to like about Lincoln Park. From beautiful, tree-lined streets, to a relatively family-friendly atmosphere, Lincoln Park is a great destination for families considering moving to the city.

Moving to West Town: If you’re looking for trending, this is it. West Town is one of the more up-and-coming areas of Chicago. From its amazing bar scene to the artsy, sometimes grungy vibe of its inhabitants, West Town is perfect for those who are looking for a younger, more hip scene. 

Moving to Lake View: If you’re looking for all of this and more, consider Lake View. With its proximity to Wrigley Field, the great party scene, and the friendly atmosphere, you’ll never run out of things to do and people to meet.

How Elite Can Help

Looking to move to (or within) Chicago? We can help! We pride ourselves on being Chicago’s premier moving company. We’ve helped families, businesses, and everyone in-between move in and out of Chicago for well over a decade now. If you’re interested in talking, give us a call or visit our website!