Moving in the summer? Check out these tips.

Moving to a new home is an exciting adventure, but it can be particularly challenging during the summer months. The scorching heat, high demand for moving services, and potential scheduling conflicts can make the process seem overwhelming. However, with proper planning and the right strategies, you can navigate these summer moving difficulties and ensure a smooth transition to your new abode. Let’s explore some common challenges faced during summer moves and provide practical solutions to help you overcome them.

Sweltering Heat and Physical Exertion

One of the most significant challenges of moving during the summer is dealing with the sweltering heat. The combination of physical exertion and high temperatures can quickly lead to exhaustion and even heat-related illnesses. However, these physical challenges can be at least partially dealt with by following some easy steps. 

If you’re moving on your own, be sure to…

Start early: Begin your moving tasks as early in the day as possible to avoid the hottest hours. Take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures to pack, load, and unload your belongings.

Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Provide ample water for your moving crew as well. Consider having electrolyte-rich drinks or sports drinks available to replenish essential minerals.

Take frequent breaks: Pace yourself and take regular breaks in shaded areas or air-conditioned spaces. This will help you stay cool and prevent overheating.

High Demand for Moving Services

For a number of reasons, in addition to those listed above, we don’t recommend trying to move on your own in the summer. That said, summer is the peak season for moving, and the availability of professional moving services may be limited due to high demand. 

We cannot emphasize this enough but try to book in advance. As soon as you know your moving date, book your moving company or truck rental. By securing your spot early, you avoid last-minute stress and increase the likelihood of getting your preferred moving dates.

Also, if possible, be flexible with your moving dates. Consider weekdays or mid-month when there is less demand, which may provide you with more options and potentially lower rates.

If professional moving services are unavailable or out of your budget, explore do-it-yourself options. Enlist the help of family and friends, rent a moving truck, and plan the logistics carefully to balance the information we shared above.

Managing Time

Summer is often a time when families have various commitments, such as vacations, summer camps, or social events. Coordinating everyone’s schedule can be a challenge. To help mitigate this, you can try:

Communicating early: Inform your family and friends about your moving plans well in advance. This will give them the opportunity to adjust their schedules accordingly and offer assistance if you need it.

Delegating tasks: Assign specific moving tasks to family members based on their availability. Distributing responsibilities, such as packing the kitchen or a children’s bedroom, will help ensure a smoother process and lighten the load for everyone involved.

Planning childcare: If you have young children, consider arranging childcare during moving. This allows you to focus on the move without distractions or safety concerns.

While moving during the summer presents its fair share of challenges, it’s entirely manageable with proper planning and the right strategies. By staying mindful of the heat, securing moving services early, and coordinating schedules effectively, you can overcome these difficulties and experience a smooth transition to your new home. This is even easier when you hire a reputable professional moving company like our team here at Elite Moving & Storage. But no matter how you move, embrace the excitement of your summer move and make lasting memories in your new home!