Do you have storage options?

Do you have storage options?

Yes! We provide both short-term and long-term storage services to clients using our moving services. Call your agent at Elite Moving & Storage (312-313-4042) for a storage quote.

Do you have set storage fees?

Our storage cost is conveniently priced based on the size of your shipment. Meaning you are paying for the exact space you are using rather than paying for a set room size that Public Storage will bill you for even if you do not use the entire space. That means you only pay for the storage space you actually use rather than for a set room size like Public Storage will bill you for.

How equipped is your storage facility?

Our storage facility is climate controlled and secured.

Will I be able to access my belongings while they are in storage?

Elite Moving and Storage provides storage solutions to our clients that are moving locally in the Chicagoland area and to clients moving from state to state. We do not offer an option to access your items while in storage.

How do you bill for storage?

Storage is billed month to month and should be paid in advance.