Selecting the right moving company

How do I know if a mover is legitimate?

You must check the licensing of every moving company you are considering as you want to use a licensed and insured company to ensure that your move goes smoothly.

How can I check a Moving Company’s Licensing and Insurance?

To check a moving company or moving broker’s licenses, insurance, safety data and other services related to the transportation industry please visit: When visiting, make sure to have the company’s DOT or MC number so you can see the requested data. Here are Elite’s license numbers for you to check our record: DOT: 1567283, MC: 580862, ILL C C: 153937. Call Elite Moving & Storage at 312-754-1799 and ask your consultant for assistance.

Why should I use a Moving Company instead of a broker?

Moving brokers act as middlemen between the person who is moving and the moving company. Brokers do not do the actual moving and typically do not own trucks or moving equipment, or have a professional moving staff. A moving company will have trucks and employs movers to perform your move.

How do I know that a moving company is Reputable?

Check the company’s record with the Better Business Bureau – You can see an overview of when the moving company was established and check the rating of that company. We recommend only using companies with an A rating that have been in business for at least 5 years. A poor rating with the BBB can be a red flag- showing that a company does very little, if anything, to resolve customer complaints when things do go wrong.

What about review sites?

Reviews on social media sites should be taken with a grain of salt as they cannot be verified. Anyone can go on these sites, write any type of review for a company, and post it.