Understanding your moving quote

What should I expect to pay for local moving services?

Local moves are charged at an hourly rate and the final cost is based on the actual time it took to complete your move. There are two payments: The first is a deposit to schedule the moving truck and crew, and the second and final payment is due when the movers are finished placing your items in your new home.

What should I expect to pay for long-distance moving services?

For long-distance moves, your quote is guaranteed for your inventory list and based on the distance between the pickup and delivery locations. Please make sure to provide your agent with all the details of your move for a precise quote. There are three payments for long-distance moves: A deposit to schedule the move, a payment at the pickup location, and a final payment upon arrival at the destination.

Why do you need an inventory for a long-distance move?

We calculate our price for your move based on your inventory. Using your inventory, we are able to give you a guaranteed price to move the items on your list. This way, you know the price before we arrive at your home and start working. Our prices are as accurate as your list and will never change unless you decide to add items to your moving list.


Why is charging by inventory for long distance moves better?

There are companies that charge based on the weight of the shipment. They will weigh the truck before your move, and once again after your items have been loaded. Your final cost will be based on the actual weight of your shipment.  This might seem great, but because there is no way to weigh your furniture before your actual move – all you get before the pickup is an “estimate”. Most of these companies will even go as far as offering you a “binding estimate” but it is a binding only for the estimated weight.  One pound different and the estimate is no longer binding.   We made it simple – you give us a list of items that you want to have moved and we guarantee your price for that list as described.  Easy to understand, no need to guess the weight of your furniture, just tell us what you have and we will give you an easy to understand binding price for your move.

What is a guaranteed rate per cubic foot? – long distance only

We understand that you have a lot on your plate while arranging your move.  Things are occasionally overlooked, like a dresser, a couple of boxes, or a rug.  This is why we supply you with a guaranteed rate per cubic foot for long-distance moves. With a guaranteed rate per cubic foot, there is no penalty fee for items added to the shipment on the day of the move. You’ll pay for adding items on the day of the move, but the rate will stay the same—no surprise penalty rates will be applied to the whole shipment.

The guaranteed rate per cubic foot also gives you flexibility.  If on the day of the move we find a couple of boxes that were not on the original inventory, you can decide if you’d like to add them to the shipment at the same rate per cubic foot, or you can replace something less important from the shipment without raising the price. You are in control. By giving you a guaranteed rate per cubic foot, we save you money and avoid the guess and stress.

Why is guaranteed rate per cubic foot important?- long distance only

Some of our competitors will charge an additive rate to accommodate additional items, space, or weight on the day of the move. That additive rate can be as high as 250% over their original rate. This can affect the final cost of the move. We at Elite protect our clients with a guaranteed rate per cubic foot, meaning that there is no penalty fee to add items to your shipment on the day of the move.

Are my items insured while in transit?

You have several levels of insurance coverage available to you. As a fully insured company, Elite offers you limited liability coverage at no additional cost.  Alternatively, you can purchase full value protection from Elite, or you can purchase an insurance policy from a third party insurance company. We suggest checking with your homeowner or renters insurance provider about coverage options they may offer.  Please check our website (link to insurance page) or call your relocation specialist for more details at 312-313-4042.

Will movers wrap my furniture?

The movers will wrap your furniture with durable moving pads so that everything’s protected during the move.