What is included in the packing services?

What is included in the packing services?

Our professional movers/packers will bring the boxes to your door on the day of the move, pack all items that fit into boxes, and crate the larger furniture with glass tops and doors. We’ll also provide mattress covers for your beds and pack your electronics.

Why do you need so much tape?

Movers use tape to secure the protective moving pads on your furniture. Tape is also used to create handles to help movers carry items to and from the truck.

Will your moving team pack for me?

Should you request packing and/or unpacking services, we will pack (or unpack) as much or as little as you want.

Will there be boxes available on moving day?

Yes. Movers come prepared to accommodate your needs. On moving day, packing materials will be available for purchase if needed. It is helpful if you ask for packing services in advance, but we are able to handle last-minute requests on moving day.


How should I pack my belongings for the move?

Unless packing services are included in the quote you received, the movers will wrap your furniture with durable moving pads. Anything that can fit in a box should be boxed up, and all fragile items with glass must be put in a cardboard crate prior to the movers’ arrival. Mattresses and box springs should have plastic covers. You can purchase our packing service or buy packing materials from Elite before the move or on moving day.