Piano Movers

Moving pianos is a skill and an art. A typical upright piano has some 4,000 parts, while a grand piano may have more than 6,000 parts.  Whether you’re moving a spinet, a console, an upright, a baby grand or a grand piano, we’re the piano-moving experts you should call first.

How we move it:

We take extreme care when moving a piano. We will fully pad and wrap your piano before we move it and we have the necessary tools to remove a piano safely out of one location and place it in your new home by using a special piano dolly or piano board.

Delicate inner parts are secured, and in the case of grand pianos, we disassemble and then reassemble the instrument after delivery. Extra care is taken to avoid heat, humidity, and direct sunlight exposure, and to ensure the piano surface is not dented or damaged.

At Elite Moving & Storage, we understand that your piano is a valuable asset that requires safety and special care during a move. We know how to properly handle the awkward shape and weight of a piano when moving it to your new home. Our movers are trained to move pianos through tight spaces, including stairways and elevators. Rest assured your piano will be safe with us.

elite piano movers

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Art Movers

Elite Moving & Storage can handle a variety of art mediums, because our packers have the know-how and training to create custom crates to fit almost any piece of art. Whether you’re moving your art collection across the country or around the block, Elite Moving & Storage is the art mover for you.

Artwork we’ve transported:

  •         Canvas paintings
  •         Metal sculptures
  •         Pottery
  •         Hand-blown glass
  •         Framed photography


There’s no need to worry when your unique pieces are out of sight. You can sit back and relax, because your precious artwork is in good hands.

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